Wednesday 21. March 2018

Tasks and objectives

The Akademie

The Evangelische Akademie Tutzing was founded in 1947. It brings together people from politics, business, culture, the media and the church. Many an impulse was born here and came to fruition in society. The Akademie is a place of education through discourse. With up to one hundred events – conferences, seminars, consultations, workshops, and lectures – it addresses topics that move people. The Akademie promotes mutual understanding and the search for solutions. It allows visitors to defi ne their position and form opinions. More than 8,000 people a year take advantage of the inspiring conferences off ered by this think tank. The Evangelische Akademie Tutzing is also a place for encountering the Christian faith. Tolerance and Christian responsibility form the basis of its work.

The staff

Under the leadership of the president of the Akademie, a team of seven directors of studies with various educational backgrounds is dedicated to a broad array of topics: Theology, politics, ecumenism, media, social issues, families, gender and generational issues, economy, sustainable development, medical ethics, bioethics, health care issues, spiritual care, culture, arts, education policy, pedagogy, society, interreligious dialogue, philosophy, and the forum for young people.

The Committee

The Evangelische Akademie Tutzing is advised by a committee in the fulfi lment of its objectives. Its members are from the fi elds of politics, science, education, the media, the church and social work, amongst others.


"Vom Gipfel sehe ich das Tal meiner Sehnsucht"
Das Geheimnis der Berge und des Sehens
26. - 29. März 2018

Innehalten – Aufatmen – Neues entdecken. Die Dichterin Rose Ausländer setzt das Motto für die etwas andere Karwoche. Eine Auszeit vor Ostern mit biblischen Impulsen, Reflexionen zur Selbstfürsorge und mehr!
Karwoche in Tutzing