Monday 21. August 2017

Conference in the Castle

You are looking for an appropriate venue to organise conferences or other events?
The Evangelische Akademie Tutzing offers you the premises of the Tutzing castle for events during the week from Monday to Friday.

Catering and facility services:
The Tutzing castle has its own restaurant with a capacity of 110 seats available as well as additional rooms for banquets, buffets, concerts and other festive events. Moreover you will find a number of local restaurants offering Bavarian and international cuisine in the vicinity of the castle.

There are about 50 parking spaces available directly in front of the building.


Kanzelrede - mit Christian Springer
8. Oktober 2017

Kanzelreden finden ihre Themen in der ernsthaften Auseinandersetzung mit dem geistigen, politischen, sozialen und kulturellen Leben.
Kooperation mit dem Freundeskreis der Evangelischen Akademie Tutzing.
In der Erlöserkirche, München-Schwabing.